You are invited to join The Leadership Vault. This program is your monthly opportunity to have candid, supportive conversations with other successful women leaders. We discuss pressing issues and find new approaches through peer advising.

Discussion Topics

We cover topics such as… 

  • Leading with Courage
  • Building Smart Trust
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Navigating Transitions
  • Being Above the Line/Below the Line
  • Maintaining our Circle of Control
  • Instilling “Fair Play” into our Lives
  • What’s Your Money Story?
  • The Hard Work of Compassionate Leadership
  • What are My Hidden Commitments that can Sabotage Me?
  • What is my Energy Style?

Peer Advising

  • This is your space to share, explore, relate, connect, vent, process, question, challenge, and encourage each other
  • Specific topics are identified by you and your cohort members within the arena of leadership development, vision-setting, and deepening one’s emotional intelligence.
  • Cohorts are limited to 8 people to ensure sufficient time for discussion and exchange of ideas.
  • Kelly and Maryanne are professional facilitators with over 3,000 hours of experience facilitating groups and coaching leaders toward breakthroughs.
  • We provide a warm and relatable experience. We foster a process to help you connect and explore issues to find a different perspective or way of looking at challenges and speed bumps. All conversations are 100% confidential.

Rationale for Employer Funding

We believe this program will enable you to grow your influencing and visioning skills for your team.  As such, your employer may see this program as an investment not only in you, but also in your broader organization. Here are some key points you may wish to share to highlight the importance and benefit of this investment:

  • A unique opportunity to learn from peers in other organizations, inside and outside your sector
  • Getting tangible results in real time on challenges you and your team are facing now
  • Deepening your skills in leading and influencing others
  • Collecting new, multiple perspectives on how to lead an organization forward

Program Logistics

  • We bring together small groups of 8 female leaders and meet by video for 90-minutes each month.
  • Sessions will be held January 2023 – December 2023.  Exact dates will be determined by the group at the start of the program.
  • 8 participants maximum
  • Fee: $3,500
  • Registration closes December 15, 2022. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Register” button to claim your spot now.  This program is limited to the first 8 registrants.

    Still thinking about The Leadership Vault Program?
    Here is a quote that reflects the philosophy underpinning why we come together…

    “A life most fully lived is not always composed of the things that rock you awake, but those that slowly assure you it’s okay to slow down.  That you don’t always have to prove yourself. That you don’t need to fight forever….And when those big moments come, which they will, you’ll experience them in a way you didn’t before…. That life can only grow outward in proportion to how stable it is inward – – that if the joy is not in the little things first, the big things don’t fully find us.”
    — Brianna Wiest

    The Leadership Vault

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    Program Instructor – Kelly Kienzle

    Kelly Kienzle

    Kelly Kienzle provides leadership coaching to new and experienced leaders to improve organizational performance and personal resilience. 

    She is a people development specialist with almost 30 years of experience and over 2,800 hours of coaching leaders as a PCC-certified coach of the International Coach Federation.  She has a specialized focus in coaching and developing women leaders through coaching over 200 women and facilitating forums specifically for women. 

    Kelly holds a Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University and is also a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program. 

    She has always loved to listen to people’s stories of how they perceive the world.  Her work is dedicated to supporting people to move towards their greatest vision of resonant leadership and personal fulfillment.

    Program Instructor – Dr. Maryanne H. Elliott

    Dr. Maryanne H. Elliott

    Dr. Elliott is a leadership coach and founder of The Acorn Group.  She has over 20 years of experience in professional development and is solely focused on developing and shaping leadership in others.

    She is an ICF-certified Coach with over 2,000 documented hours of leadership coaching and has led over 500 workshops.  She holds a certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and a Doctorate from George Washington University. She is certified in Leadership Coaching, DiSC, Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0, Myers-Briggs Inventory, The Integrated Enneagram iEQ9, and The Hogan Personality Inventory. She now helps organizations build leadership in their people through individual coaching, leadership development programs, and team workshops. 

    Dr. Elliott also teaches in the Master of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Development program at the University of Louisville.