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A Life-changing career transition…

Dr. Elliott supported me through a life-changing career transition and beyond with guidance tailored to my personal values and needs.  Her insight, compassion, and humanism make such a difference and truly set her apart. I have found great value in our long-term coaching relationship and enthusiastically give her my highest recommendation.

— Joe R., Chief Medical Officer

Acorn Group

My goal in 2022 was to improve my leadership skills, and Maryanne was crucial to my achieving that goal. We immediately connected and from our very first energizing session, I noticed improvements in my confidence. Maryanne helped me both personally and professionally and I always looked forward to our conversations. Thanks to her I will always use my voice and empower others to do the same. 

Jennifer D.

Food services

Acorn Group

Maryanne was kind and direct. I always knew I’d be challenged with questions and a different way to think about my issue.

Sarah L.

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Acorn Group

Maryanne carries a very robust toolset, which continues to grow because of her creativity and adaptability. While her edge is being able to keep a pulse on the moment and flex to deliver what her client needs at that time, her character is evident in her desire to ensure impact and change. She embodies what it means to be learner focused and customer focused. 

Lance Jackson

Talent Management, PPL Corporation 

Acorn Group

It’s common these days to read about someone’s leadership “wonderfulness”. These statements often drip with the marketers self-described visions of potential and reachable, yet unmeasured, business gains. Dr. Maryanne Elliott walks steadfastly away from these posers and delivers quality for your business. With sustainability in mind and productivity tools at the ready, Dr. Elliott completes a key consultative element that most can’t – she delivers. 

Learning is about openness to understanding and the fortitude to admit that we can continue learning. Dr. Maryanne Elliott provides an extremely rare set of traits and skills set aside for only a few among us – with elegance, consistency, focus, and a passion for learning, Dr. Elliott is the very meaning of ‘leadership’.

Dr. Ron Sheffield

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Acorn Group

I had the pleasure of attending several meetings facilitated by Maryanne and I must say, they were amazing experiences. She brings together people with diverse personalities and backgrounds, and manages to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected. Maryanne has a way of guiding discussions and encouraging participation that makes everyone feel heard and valued. She is a true professional who is passionate about her work and truly cares about our success. I would highly recommend Maryanne to anyone seeking a skilled and experienced meeting facilitator.

Yollanda London

Yale University School of Medicine

Acorn Group

I wasn’t really enthused about coaching when I was given the opportunity – more anxiety about more work. What I realized after a couple of sessions is that the whole process made my job easier. I had more tools and got better ways to keep focused at a higher level than the day to day.

Mark Satchi

Account Executive, Technology

Intentional and purposeful impact

I have worked with Maryanne for two years and I have seen first-hand her skills and abilities to develop, plan and facilitate great instruction in leadership, organizational analysis and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Maryanne is thoughtful and meticulous in the services she promises others.

As a collaborator, she is patient, listens carefully and provides comprehensive and wise counsel. Maryanne marries her practical experiences with her wealth of formal training and knowledge of leadership practices. Along with her training in coaching, she demonstrates practical wisdom that connects to the real-world situations we face.

What I like most about working with Maryanne is that she is always present with you in the moment, paying close attention to the smallest details upon which to build a genuine connection.

She is intentional and purposeful – she is such a professional. I jump at the chance to work and collaborate with her because I know the work will be exceptional and the time spent will be a blessing on so many levels. 

— Lynda Byrd-Poller, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Human Resources and Organization Development Program, University of Louisville


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The Next Level

The Next Level is for those leaders that want to make a bigger impact somewhere. Maybe you want to delegate and let go, scale a team, or help develop others.

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The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter focuses on those who have achieved a lot but have the question, “now what?” The path may not be obvious, but the desire for something different is.

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Thrive helps move from surviving to flourishing with a focus on burnout, fatigue, grief, transition, change, boundaries, perfectionism, or rest for the tired high-achiever.

Are you ready to have the type of impact that really matters?

If you want to reach your next level, figure out your next chapter, or thrive in your personal life, we have a proven process to get you there. I’m Dr. Maryanne Elliott, and I founded The Acorn Group to work with leaders who want to be real leaders and have an impact. If that describes you, let’s talk!