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My Forty-Six Joys

As my 46th birthday arrives tomorrow, I’m pretty amazed at what happens to myself when I really focus on what I am deeply, truly grateful for in my life, and what brings me joy – both big and small. It’s not simply that I was stuck at #32 on the list (with 14 more to go!), and surprised about that, but getting stuck asked me to go a bit longer, a bit wider in my reflection- it caused me to really shift my filter and see everything through a lens of gratitude. It’s a reminder to me of Shawn Achor’s work in positive psychology, and the power of gratitude to impact our well-being and satisfaction in life.  Watch Shawn Achor on TED
  1. Health and positive lab results
  2. Katherine’s joy, and her face when it lights up with excitement
  3. The yard. Flowers, herbs and cuttings in small jars
  4. Courage
  5. Books, books, and more books. My friends & door openers.
  6. Milestone. Wellness, optimism, hope, inclusiveness. Fresh starts.
  7. Lots of white TOPS Docket legal pads
  8. Girlfriends, and their power over the years to be my anam caras
  9. Silence
  10. Laura Babbage
  11. New office space!
  12. Lior’s generosity
  13. Laurie Sessa
  14. A large skim au lait at Heine Bros
  15. Tommy’s energy & openness to new possibilities
  16. Dean
  17. A full set of new markers
  18. Emily’s opinions, and her ability to listen to her own voice
  19. EDGE & WaterStep-the dream of microbusiness
  20. Georgetown University for opening my heart and awakening my soul
  21. Bill Courville
  22. Pentel EnerGel needle nose pens
  23. Jim England
  24. Dark chocolate caramels
  25. My mother’s optimism
  26. Warm breezes from open windows
  27. Fran Hagan
  28. Fresh, homemade salsa with basil & lime
  29. Rena & Bill and Black Mountain
  30. Z
  31. Trader Joe’s
  32. Whiteboards
  33. Lake Lanier & game nights
  34. Lululemon’s wunder under pants
  35. My pics & albums
  36. Blue Lizzard sunscreen
  37. Psalm 23
  38. Brene Brown’s “The Gifts of Imperfection”
  39. Trapp #4, Orange Vanilla
  40. My birds & dove nest
  41. HeartMath
  42. Authenticity
  43. Playlists & podcasts
  44. Limitations, sufferings & challenges
  45. David Whyte’s “Start Close In”
  46. Now. The present.