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Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward?

Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward?

I passionate about the kind of work I do, and in fact, thrive on working with people and teams who want to have more effective conversations, relationships and communication strategies. Your tough people-issues show up and make a difference on the kind of results you get, and I work with you to get the long-term, positive change you want.

Who do you work with?

Clients include executives, senior leaders and individuals, and they all want to enhance the quality of their communication in the workplace. They know they have a challenge and aren’t sure the best way to get it done, but realize the relationships and people-side of the business are key factors in their success. They are looking to ramp-up their people-skills and are ready to be challenged with a new way of thinking.

They want someone to hold them accountable, challenge them to new ways of thinking and give them feedback to get to the next level- whether it’s a promotion, taking on more responsibility or simply being more effective in a current role.

What kinds of problems do you solve?

  1. There are several types of issues clients bring to me. Frequently, it’s about some type of relationship issue or breakdown – it could be broken trust, a conflict which caused a major business issue or problem, or perhaps a talented employee left because of a strained working relationship with their manager. The way people are interacting and communicating is not working and there is a cost to the organization for this behavior and improving the relationship and interpersonal skills means something to the bottom line.
  2. Sometimes a leader wants to work on their team and improve how they are functioning. Some of what’s getting in the way might be a lack of trust, little to no accountability for results, time is wasted on non-productive items, gossip, poor communication skills, jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, blaming others, duplicated efforts or things fall through the cracks, and/or missed deadlines. There is impact to productivity, and how the team is communicating and relating is expensive. Other times the team could be performing just fine, but there is an ability to be better, and with focused effort, a higher level could be reached.
  3. Some clients want help through a major change. Perhaps they are seeing a lot of retirement in the workforce and a need to develop younger team members for leadership spots, or an industry is going through major changes and demands a different skill set and leader to get results in a more complex environment. It could be a big product rollout or a major technological change, but whatever it is, the stakes are higher and different.
  4. Sometimes clients just feel stuck and know they need to make some kind of change to be successful, but not even sure what that is. Maybe they didn’t make partner or a big performance goal, or feel like they have no options left and the pressure to get somewhere.

What kinds of results do they get?

Coaching provides opportunities to get fresh, objective perspectives and get out of conditioned thinking-patterns.  Getting unstuck and trying new approaches leads can lead to a lasting breakthrough toward results and what matters most to you.  It means a new level of self-awareness, trust and a deeper understanding of how to connect and communicate with others.

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