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Accountability + Empathy = Results

Our research shows that compassion is anything but soft…Based on taking ownership and being proactive, the Compassionate Leader Model shows four distinct ways of relating to others.  Take a look here: Compassionate Leader Model

Is my behavior Proactive or Reactive?  

Leaders find themselves thinking and behaving above the line (the horizontal axis) when they are proactive and taking ownership of results. We say they are working from a place of choice. Leaders behave below the line when they are reactive and get stuck in the victim cycle. This produces negativity and feelings of being stuck. The opportunity to develop includes asking the question, “What can I do more of/less of to stay above the line and be proactive?”

Am I in the Dignity or Judgment Zone? 

When leaders approach others as individuals with a mindset of intrinsic worth as an individual, they rise into a dignity zone. This can produce an upward cycle of energy and increase empathy and curiosity. When leaders get reactive, they fall into a judgment zone. This creates a downward cycle of negative energy and produces behaviors, such as blame and perfectionism. The opportunity to develop includes asking the question, “Am I stuck in judgment and if so, what are ways to shift how I am seeing the issue or the person’s perspective?”

Am I leading with Head or Heart?

Leaders can demonstrate behaviors characterized as Head or Heart, as shown on either side of the circle. Head focuses on thoughts and heart focuses on emotions or feelings. Both are needed for effective decision-making, interpersonal effectiveness and results. The opportunity to develop includes asking the question, “How I am using both my head and heart to understand others and make the best choices to help them?”

What do you think? What triggers send you below the line to the judgment zone? What opportunities take you above the line to be more curious, empathic?

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